Sandbags protect the Princess Olga Monument at Mykhailivska Square, Kyiv - 9 December.


National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet, Odesa - 5 December. 

A father pushes his daughter on a makeshift swing outside a collapsed building, Odessa - 5 December. 

A group of young women protest using colour smoke grenades, Odesa - 5 December. 

Once a popular tourist destination, Otrada beach is now mined to prevent a Russian invasion, Odesa - 5 December. 

A sign warns of landmines outside a children's play-park, Odesa - 5 December. 

Candles burn in St. Elijahs Monastery during a blackout, Odesa - 5 December. 

Shops and businesses use generators to provide power amid the electricity shortages, Odesa - 5 December. 

Intermittent traffic lights create chaotic driving conditions, Odesa - 5 December. 

A women kneels, asking for help in -4°C conditions, Odesa - 5 December.

People queue at one of the few water stations, Odesa - 6 December.

A women fills a plastic container with water, Odesa - 6 December.

Life in residential buildings continues without electricity and water, Odesa - 6 December. 


Icicles hang from a dwelling, shadowed by an occupied but damaged block of flats, Irpin - 8 December. 

A scarred building remains standing in the snow, Irpin - 8 December. 

A now abandoned filling station lies in front of a damaged warehouse, Iprin - 8 December.

Rubble is cleared to make way for new developments, Irpin - 8 December. 

Alexander 'Waldo' returns home to the US following a medical discharge - 10 December.

An artwork by Banksy at a roadblock on Independence Square, Kyiv.

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